Stat Series

Specific Single function Microprocessor baser control stat series


Exacting control of individual heating or cooling needs. Will operate one stage of heating and cooling in a single zone, or two stages of either in a single zone. Fogging control version available using precise sensors for humidity, temperature, or both. MORE >>


The Lightstat operates in two channel applications. It monitors the intake of solar levels and extends the time of day. Set the levels for the right solar level using the solar sensor. During cloudy days, turn on photo supplemental for artificial lighting. MORE >>


The Ventstat will operate any motorized greenhouse vent, roll-up, or retractable roof system. Up to eight stages of operation. Separate day, night, and DIF settings. MORE >>



The Shadestat will operate any motorized greenhouse shade system. Up to eight stages of operation. An energy saving mode will close the curtain at night. MORE >>


Exacting control of fogging systems. Precise sensors, separate day and night modes, and manual operational switches allow for complete operation of any fog system. MORE >>