Addition to the Sales Team

While the effects of Covid-19 are felt by our essential industry as well, we are finding the time to get some things done that had been deferred. One is news on some staffing.  The above piece recently ran in  few industry publications, including Horti Daily.

We wanted to ask her a few more questions about her role with Microgrow. Daphne is the cousin of Microgrow’s founder, Tom Piini. How it working with family ? “Our family has always been so proud of how well Tom has done. They are pleased I’m working with him. We have a good working relationship.”  Daphne said. “He encouraged me to step up into sales. We also both love to joke around so that’s always been a bond for us.”

You come from broadcasting and hospitality, how has the last few years been working in commercial agriculture?   “It’s been a steep learning curve.  There is so much to know about agriculture, electrical engineering, B2B marketing.  However, I’ve really enjoyed the challenge.  There is a connection to the work I’ve done as a restaurant owner and TV cook.  How do we feed the world?  I’ve also been really touched at how welcoming and helpful the Microgrow team has been.  Everyone really does want everyone else to do well.  It’s a great group to work with.”

 What drew you to this industry? “Legal cannabis. It reminds me of the late ’90’s dot com boom.  Exciting to be in on a brand new industry.  As well as the connection to food.”  Pre Covid she also was running a cannabis infused dining pop up called Weed to Table closer to her home in Los Angeles which is where she works remotely.   Before the Stay at Home order Daphne was making weekly visits to our headquarters in Temecula, and was our go to team member for a variety of trade shows.   

Since you can’t travel, how are you able to do your work? Like everyone else I’m following up with distributors and end users through email, phone and video chat.  I’m thinking of getting a pen and quill out and writing some letters.  I also use Team Viewer to access our server.  Sometimes I text other employees to make up for lost water cooler chatting.
How has your work changed since you have been required to stay at home? I miss the easy connections I can make at trade shows, however it has made me a better worker.  I spend NO time driving, which really ate into my productivity.  I’m proctoring my kids home schooling and while that is a distraction it’s nothing compared to the time I save not sitting in a car.
Post Pandemic, what are you looking forward to with Microgrow? I’m excited about the new products that are in development. They will be an easy sell.  Our developers have worked hard on them so it will be great to bring them to market.  I also look forward to working in person with my team members and seeing customers again.  


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